Racing. Racing. Racing.

So loud…getting louder all the time.

The thoughts bounce around my skull like children on a bouncy castle. So loud I feel like I’m next to the speaker in a night club.
Thoughts taken over all other senses. All I can see is random words, like they’re italicised in ten foot letters.

Getting a head ache from my own thoughts. It’s just. So. Exhausting. I can’t get silence any where.

My thoughts like burnt sugar. Leaving am acrid, bitter taste in their wake.

They are all bad things. Just so many! I gorge on my own wayward thought process. I can’t switch them off. Funny shapes. Some words are red and bubble written. Some are tiny like tiny mice hiding under their own burrows. The only thing they have in common is they’re all so loud.

Even when I go to bed, exhausted sometimes, and I can’t sleep….I think one tiny thing, like I need to buy tinned tomatoes and there the roller coaster of thoughts begin, I’m stuck on the waltzers and I want to get off.

It’s tiring, draining and exhausting. And when I sleep it doesn’t end…..then the dreams start….


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